Locally sourced prime cuts of pork blended with the finest ingredients and years of experience combine to produce sausages of a truly discernible flavour and quality.

We offer a variety of delicious sausages from the traditional recipes such as the Pork Butchers, the Craskes and our Premium Pork to flavoured sausages including Pork and Herb, Pork and Apple and Pork and Honey. The range also includes Gluten Free sausages.


We use prime pork loins and bellies primarily sourced from our local suppliers to produce the finest quality bacon.

Our curing practices include the traditional method of dry curing by hand. In order to achieve our delicious smoky flavour, the bacon is smoked over oakwood chippings using a traditional woodchip smoker. Our distinctive Smoked Black Treacle bacon is marinated in black treacle for two weeks after curing before being lightly smoked over oakwood chippings. We also offer a Sweetcure bacon, a delightful combination of salt and sweetness.


Our succulent whole gammons are produced using only the finest quality pork from our trusted local suppliers and are available as both smoked and unsmoked.

Cooked Meat Products

We offer a wide range of delicious cooked meats including the traditional Suffolk ham which has been produced on site to the same recipe for over 40 years. Our tasty hams are available as smoked or unsmoked and have the option of added breadcrumbs. The range includes our luscious honey roasted ham. We also offer a variety of cooked meats including roast pork, beef and turkey. The cooked meats are available as either whole or pre-packed.


Only prime cuts of pork or beef together with our finest ingredients are used to produce our delectable burgers. Our beef burgers are also available in a chilli flavour for those who love their burgers with a little extra spice. In addition to our pork burgers we also offer a pork and apple variety with added apple pieces for a delicious sweet flavour.

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