Bacons & Gammons

Bacons & Gammons

Our whole and half gammons are produced using only the best cuts of meat we can source. Hence the best quality and succulent gammons we think you will ever taste.

Our bacon can be enjoyed unsmoked ,naturally smoked or for that extra special touch coated in treacle.

Treacle Bacon


Unsmoked whole back
Smoked whole back
Sweetcure whole back
Black whole back
Smoked whole streaky
Black whole streaky
Collar bombs
Unsmoked drycure backs
Smoked drycure backs

Wholesale bacon

Sliced 2.27 Pack

Unsmoked best
Smoked best
Unsmoked back
Smoked back
Unsmoked catering
Smoked catering
Unsmoked direct table
Smoked direct table
Unsmoked drycure
Smoked streaky
Bacon off cuts 500g
Unsmoked drycure
Smoked drycure


Unsmoked gammons
Smoked gammons
Black gammons
Unsmoked boned and rolled
Smoked boned and rolled
Unsmoked horseshoes
Smoked horseshoes
Raw hocks
Gammon bomb

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If you would like to order a wholesale lot of ham please contact us via 01284 750720 or via our online contact form.

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